I am a political economist and research consultant with expertise in international political economy, development policy, resource-based industrialisation and economic development issues in the Global South. 


As a political economist, I am interested in how historical and contemporary political and economic phenomena interact at different scales (international, domestic and organisational) to generate particular context-specific development outcomes. To this end, my current work investigates how natural resources contribute to economic development, in particular how domestic political dynamics and external factors and forces define development possibilities in Latin American and Caribbean extractive economies. My argument is that natural resources constitute valuable investible 'rents' that can initiate industrial transformation. 


This work involves understanding how the international economy interact with domestic political conditions and organisations. I conduct institutional assessments at the societal level, policy evaluation in tandem with micro-level analysis of state-owned enterprises, industrial sectors, and government / state agencies. I have also begun work examining how energy subsidy reforms are shaped by the development context and institutional conditions, and effects on climate policy and divergent political outcomes in developing countries. My upcoming work will focus on the political economy of financing of renewable energy in select Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

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