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I am a lecturer in economics at the University of the West of England and political economist with expertise in climate policy and justice, international political economy, development policy, resource-based industrialisation and economic development issues in the Global South. 


As a political economist and interdisciplinary scholar, I am interested in how historical and contemporary political and economic phenomena interact at different scales (international, domestic and organisational) to generate particular context-specific development outcomes. To this end, my current work investigates how natural resources contribute to economic development, in particular how domestic political dynamics and external factors and forces define development possibilities in Latin American and Caribbean extractive economies. In addition, I investigate how the complex interplay of domestic political factors and external constrains blunt the development prospects of climate policy and generate environmental injustices in low-income countries. I am also working on a book project that investigates how global finance has transformed the ability of social movements and public actors to mobilize and utilize natural resource rents for broad developmental purposes in resource-wealthy countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.