I am a political economist, development policy scholar and research consultant with proven expertise in project management and socio-economic analysis. My academic work focuses on the political economy of development in resource extractive economies.


It exposes narrow theoretical claims associated with new institutional economics, conventional innnovation systems analysis, and resource curse theory about the role, nature and operation of institutions in the economic development of resource-producing economies in the Global South.


I propose a governance framework that helps arrive at more empirically grounded, theoretically rigorous conclusions to better illustrate these dynamics. Through incorporation of institutional, industrial, and firm-level analyses I explain how and under what conditions states in resource-dependent economies can advance industrialisation. 


Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, I have traveled extensively and delivered talks and presentations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Latin America and the United States. Apart from my academic work, I have served on Advisory Panels for the United Nations Development Programme, worked on short-term consulting contracts with other United Nations agencies, economic development agencies and non-governmental and non-profit organisations. 

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Delivering a presentation at the Festival for New Economic Thinking - Institute for New Economic Thinking Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2017.



Political economy of Development 

This aspect explains the role of institutions, powerful interests, and governance conditions in the development process. 

2013 - 2017

SOAS, University of London

PhD Development Studies

Climate Policy and justice 

This dimension helps better explain variegated impacts of environmental vulnerability and decarbonisation in low-income countries given the complex interplay of domestic institutional and international economic constraints. 

Resource-based industrialisation

This area examines the role that natural resources in relation to state and non-state actors in influencing development possibilities. 

2012 - 2013

Newcastle University 

MSc Innovation managment (Distinction)

2007 - 2010

University of the West Indies 

BA Communication Studies with International Relations and French (First Class Honours)


Lecturer in Economics, University of the West of England (2020 to present)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Tufts University (2018)

Research Associate, UVI Research and Technology Park (2016-2017)

Member, Advisory Panel, UNDP (2015-2016)