“The customization of theory and policy starts with a recognition of diversity and heterogeneity in economic life  ... It is about abandoning Eurocentric arrogance and empowering local actors and validating local knowledge ... It is about humility in place of certainty, about understanding that what is important is not how much we know, but how little” 

- Norman Girvan -


My research focuses on the political economy of development in resource producing economies in the Global South. It examines the changing socio-economic order and interplay of domestic and external forces on the state’s capacity in extractive economies to promote broad-based industrial development especially in Latin American and Caribbean countries. It challenges mainstream economic arguments namely the resource curse hypothesis, weak institutions associated with new institutional economics, and conventional innovation systems analysis to arrive a more empirically grounded, theoretically rigorous conclusions. Instead, I propose a political economy framework to understand these dynamics through incorporation of institutional, industrial, and firm-level analyses.

Journal Publications
Under peer review



Institutions, Innovation and Development: A critical review'

December 2018 (Cambridge Journal of Economics)


Structural constraints, indigenous capability and the political economy of late industrialization in the steel sector

February 2019 Structural Change and Economic Dynamics


'Power to the People!’: the catalytic role of social movements in industrial change and development in Trinidad and Tobago, with Zophia Edwards

May 2019 Economy and Society


Patterns of technological capability accumulation in a small developing country

May 2019 Science and Public Policy


The nexus of energy-subsidy reform, energy dependence and climate policy in Haiti

May 2019 Energy Research and Social Sciences

Human Development, Structuralism and the World Market: assessing poverty, production and environmental vulnerability

June 2019 Journal of Development Studies

Energy dependence and subsidy reform in the Caribbean: explaining divergent political outcomes in Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago expected submission August 2019

Political rents and new industrial policy in Latin America & the Caribbean: the role of the Inter-American Development Bank in Chile and Trinidad and Tobago expected submission October 2019

Industrial policy and green transformation in the developing world: towards ecological sustainability? expected submission July 2019

Technological capability and industrialization in Trinidad and Tobago: an integrated political economy analysis of the state-owned telecoms sector expected submission December 2019

State developmentalism and the decline of resource-based industrialisation expected submission January 2020  

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